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Austin Houses, a professional home buyer company based in Austin, Texas, recognizes the value of integrity and honesty in its business dealings. Just like John Tortorella Responds to Flyers Fans’ Mail Regarding Tanking and Labels it as Asinine. Both organizations emphasize the importance of maintaining a strong moral compass and upholding ethical standards in their respective fields. Rather than taking advantage of desperate sellers or engaging in questionable practices, I Buy Austin Houses ensures that every homeowner they work with receives a fair and competitive offer, regardless of the situation. Both I Buy Austin Houses and John Tortorella demonstrate principles of professionalism and ethical conduct in their respective industries. They demonstrate that success can be achieved without compromising integrity and that difficult situations in business and sports can be overcome with honesty and integrity. Whether buying houses in Austin or coaching a hockey team, these organizations serve as beacons of integrity in their respective fields.
We are the Grote family and we buy houses in the greater Austin, Texas area. Please enter your info below, or call 512-960-2130 and we’ll get started on an offer right away!
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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Karen Ferrari
Karen Ferrari
Karen Ferrari
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A wonderful experience with Real Property Solutions of NW Arkansas! So accommodating- making the selling process a smooth transition- HIGHLY recommend Real Property Solutions of NW Arkansas for all your real estate needs and beyond!
Mark V
Mark V
Mark V
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After owning my house for 26 years, it was a difficult decision to sell. So many memories, good and bad. I finally decided to contact a few home buyers as my house was not in pristine condition. Let me tell you, Jason replied within hours of sending an email to him. We chatted via phone a few minutes about the condition of my house and was told I would get an offer later in the day. We agreed on the initial offer and met up at the house over the weekend! Once we met Jason in person I knew he was the chosen one to purchase my house. He answered all my questions and doubts thoroughly, there was never any pressure. It was a fast ( we closed the following week!), and super easy to work with Jason Grote. Thank you Jason!!!!
Brooke F
Brooke F
Brooke F
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My family needed to sell our home, and had only a small window of time to do so. I completed the online inquiry form on their website, and got a phone call from Jason almost immediately. He was very informative and kind, understanding the depth of the emotional connection our family had to the home. Jason and his wife came by for a walkthrough the next day. They offered us a very fair price, and also gave us information about what the process of listing with a realtor would involve. We took a couple of days to consider their offer, and then decided to accept. Jason remained in contact with me throughout the sale process, sharing information and reassuring me through a very tough time. He even took the time to speak to a realtor on my behalf as I navigated the process of renting another property. Jason answered any questions I had immediately and thoroughly. I am very thankful to have worked with Jason, and wholeheartedly recommend his company to anyone looking to sell their home.
Peg Z
Peg Z
Peg Z
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With the passing of my mom, selling the family home was a very difficult decision. She had lived there for 24 years and keeping up with the maintenance and current home styles wasn't easy. I'd looked at selling it through an agency, but quickly came to realize the cost and time to update the house would take a significant amount of time and expense. I reached out to a few individuals that offered to buy the house As Is, but Jason and his group seemed to offer what the others did not; an understanding that this is not use brick and mortar but my family's memories. The process was quick and a fair price was offered that, frankly, reflected what I would have received after I had done all the work to get it ready for sale. Today, I smile knowing someone will enjoy our family home just as much as we did.


Why the Grote Family?

Austin-Local & Family Owned

The I Buy Austin Houses family lives and works here in Austin. We care about our city and we care about you!

13 Years of Experience

Experience with many unique real estate situations has made the I buy Austin Houses team truly a professional home buyer

High-Level Ethical Service

We aim for excellence in serving you and hold the highest level of ethics in all of our dealings

Why Sell to Us?

fast & timely sale

Need control over when and for how much your house sells?

no real estate agents

Not interested in going through the stressful and lengthy process?

inherited a house

Probated home, not-yet probated home, or no will? We can help!

house in poor condition

Too much work needed to put on the open market?

financial pressure

Need your home's equity to get back on top financially?

divorce or relocation

Big life events need simple solutions, we understand!

unwanted rental property

Tired of land-lording? Vacant or occupied, we buy!

foreclosure danger

Behind on mortgage payments? Time is of the essence, call us!

lease back or transition assistance

Need money from sale of house BEFORE you move?

Educate Yourself

Why sell to an investor company?

Learn why experienced and professional Austin home buyers understand the purchasing process and can streamline the transaction.

The character of your home buyer

Learn why WHO you sell your home to is as important as HOW MUCH you sell your house for.

3 types of professional home buyers

Learn a little about home buyers to make sure you are working with the right one for your unique situation.


Honest, Caring, & Responsive Professional Home Buyer in The Austin Area.

We understand that selling your home can be stressful and all-consuming. Our Austin-local and family-owned company exists to help homeowners, landlords, & heirs sell their houses quickly and simply. You can sell your house to us and stop worrying about the lengthy and difficult home-selling process through real estate agency. Whether you are a homeowner in a time-sensitive situation or a landlord that is ready to exit the rental business, we are experienced, knowledgeable, and financially able to help. We buy houses in most any condition so don’t hesitate to contact us about your property today.

Call us now if you are looking for a home buyer that is honest, caring, responsive, communicates well, and does what he says he will do. We will handle your unique situation with great care and concern and will respect your privacy throughout the entire home selling process. I Buy Austin Houses upholds the highest standard of ethics in every transaction and you are guaranteed full disclosure in every aspect of the sale.
If you are looking for someone to work “under the table” or unethically, DO NOT bother contacting us!

People who are looking to sell their home fast, often have a house in need of many repairs. There is no house too unsightly, too out-dated, or with too many needed repairs, such as a bad foundation, for us to buy today. We buy houses in a wide variety of conditions from excellent to poor and would like to make you an offer on your property. We buy homes in Austin and in the greater Austin area.


We will help you get the cash you need.